Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hey Look, Panta Take 1

Panta: A "Brazilian" Headband from a Finnish Pattern:

Here we have my lovely metal mixing bowl to model the headband that, unfortunately DID NOT FIT...(sigh). Made from Cascade 220 on US 5s (as the pattern recommended). But yes, Cascade 220 was not the correct yarn for the needle size, I am chastened, worry not. I've long ago lost the color lot info, and keep telling everyone it's a Burgundy/black combination, I apologize, next time I promise I'll be better with those pesky tags. Here's a view of the back:
A close-up for the detail-seekers:

A fun and fast knit. I have purchased some Noro for my US 5s to try again. Not to mention I'm going to follow Deceptively Packaged's advice and cut some inches from the total circumference to take into effect the whole stretching ability that wool has.

Pattern was from you kinda have to search it. I think I may have ended up Googling it for a clear, English "interpretation" rather than straight translation.

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