Friday, March 16, 2007

Pictures for L & L

What's the point of having technology if you're not gonna exploit it.
Unless you're L & L, this post will make no sense to you, sorry.

Here's what I took pictures of:
First flight of stairs...not too bad.
These are the second flight of stairs up to your place.

So I forgot to take a picture of the actual front door, but imagine after your grueling flights of stairs, you go to the right.

Front door with closet for rain stuff.
At the closet, turning right again you're at the bedroom-side of the place.

From the door of the tiny room. That is a HUGE table in there.

Tiny room's closet:
This is the other view of the tiny room--I'm standing at the window. (The view is of the garages.)
Left of the tiny room is the master bedroom:

Huge bed in a good sized room.

Master bedroom's closet:
The MB has a door to the bathroom (facing the bedroom door, it's on the left side), so that's next:
So there's a shower stall to the right, I think...I missed it as it's behind the door.
Washer/dryer are in the ginormous bathroom. They face the bathtub. The toi-toi is to the left, adjacent the W-D closet.
Toi-toi, washer and dryer are to the left.
I hadn't noticed the storage up top. Good thing you're both short...
His and Hers sinks! Oh, you can kinda see me in the mirror. I'm standing in the master bedroom. There's another door to the left into the hallway.
Out the other door and to the right again (notice a trend here?)
Living've probably seen this picture. I decided I'd not include a picture of the Franklin stove as you've probably already seen that too.
The HUGE patio :). There is storage there too...I'm glad Andy was with me, duh, I can't believe I took a picture of that door and didn't notice it....
So then changing drastically TO THE LEFT: Dining area:
Dining area:
Dining room to kitchen
View of Kitchen from patio door:
Meh, stove, but it's clean.
Fridge--small counter space between fridge and stove.
Dishwasher, meh:
The kitchen is "L" shaped, so the dishwasher/sink is on one side of the L, stove fridge on the other.

Then you're back at the little hallway that leads to the front door. "G" was standing right there so I opted not to take a'd have loved his little mustache...hoo baby.

Yours is the second garage in, from this angle it's the closer one to you.

Bus stop.

Let me know when to delete this post...or I can leave it up for posterity's sake, up to you :)

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